Day and night.

Everything between the two versions of these assets are the same, except I believe that the textures have a grey or blue multiplied into their material to make them darker. The normal map on the stones at night makes me think it’s raining out and the surface is slick, but I don’t think that’s the intention.

Sleeping Dogs (2012)




The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have bosses still to meet,

And hours to play before I sleep,

And hours to play before I sleep.

Dark Souls (2011)

Nice parody of Robert Frost

Mea culpa, I didn’t note anywhere on the post that this was a parody of Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. I’ve added a tag to the original post.

And just like that the bastion comes alive. Starts growin’ again. Growin’ stronger.

Another game that mixes beautiful 2D art with 3D gameplay, the plants in Bastion are gorgeous. From the swirling patterns carved into the ground to the grass growing off the floating tiles, foliage is used through the game to break up the grid-based tile system’s straight lines.

Bastion (2011)



It won’t come as a surprise that for the past few months now, my update speed has been slowing down to a crawl. I had high hopes when I started this Tumblr, attempting to get both a Study and Background post done each day, but as of late it seems like I can barely get one or the other done each…

The excellent Pixel Digest is looking for potential collaborators. If you have an interest in gathering sprites from games, go read their post.



The Clinton residence, Grand Theft Auto V

Save for his own room, Franklin doesn’t have much influence on the rest of his house, which he shares with his aunt Denise. She is a “new age feminist” and her decor choices reflect that as well as their African heritage.

I ain’t even gonna lie, I kinda love that bathroom. Pink and mint green isn’t a combo I’d ever go with in my house, but as me and my dudes are learning, pink is a very versatile color.

Plus a plant in every room, from the looks of it. Even the bathroom.